Dealing With Data Depreciation the Right Way

Dealing With Data Depreciation the Right Way

New guide offers insights into how to create experiences that get results without cookies

Privacy regulations, consumer sentiment, and browser restrictions have collided to create an environment that limits marketers’ ability to gather insights on consumers and build out effective, personalized experiences.

To succeed in this emerging landscape, marketers must embrace new approaches to data, measurement, privacy, targeting and digital ad buying. A new guide from Adobe and PwC, “Hello Tomorrow: Delivering on the Promise of Personalized Experiences,” offers a succinct, expert rundown of data depreciation and the challenges. It also provides advice on solutions that will drive personalized (and cookieless) experiences including the next wave of customer data platforms (CDPs), the potential of real-time capabilities and specific strategies for earning and keeping consumer trust.

The insights include:

  • Being strategic: Your path toward reinventing your marketing and data strategy begins with bringing together executives from marketing, sales, privacy, finance, IT and the business. Only together can you determine how to move forward with customer data.
  • Finding innovative solutions: Learn how CDPs are evolving and what new solutions are hitting the market to help with the consequences of data depreciation.
  • Staying agile: Your privacy practices need to be flexible. Being able to move quickly to make updates and keep communications concise is crucial to keeping consumers’ trust.

Don’t take on data depreciation alone—download the guide today for insights into how to evolve your strategy and build personalized experiences without cookies.