The Next Era of Video Is About Demand Gen

The Next Era of Video Is About Demand Gen

Learn how to create and distribute video content that your customers' want and that will get the engagement you need

Video marketing is no longer just about brand awareness. A growing number of marketers are turning to video as an essential part of their demand generation programs, leveraging the attention it gets for more impactful performance marketing.

So, how can you create content and distribution strategies that engage audiences and generate demand? Brightcove’s new ebook, “Create Demand Through Video Marketing,” focuses on best practices for video marketing that can be applied at all phases of the customer journey. The goal: Understand what videos work best for your brand and use them to drive quality leads and revenue for your business.

The practices highlighted include:

  • Fundamentals of a video marketing strategy: Who are you trying to reach? What does this audience want to see? Where will they find your videos?
  • How to get more from your video content: According to a Brightcove study, 74% of B2B organizations use video to engage with their customers. Using video enables organizations to keep customers updated with company news, products and services. 
  • Hone your distribution strategy: Video will grab the attention of potential prospects, but an excellent SEO strategy will help that video reach even more people. Don’t forget about it.

Don’t rely on the tried and true for something as important as demand generation—download the guide today.